Sunday, December 02, 2007

Brrrr!!! It's Cold Outside!

So, it is cold outside. We have had three days of sunshine in a row, and the lack of clouds has allowed all of the heat to bleed back out into space and, day by day, the temperature has dropped. It is currently 8º Fahrenheit out there. With winds gusting up to 45 mph, with the occasional 60 mph, the wind chill factor is -35º.

Cold. Darned cold. Here in Juneau winter averages in the low 30s, so this is very cold. And it is very cold early, since we get our coldest in mid to late January. The weather has done this only three years since I've been here. January of 2005. And one year in the mid-90s. None of us really have clothes for it, since this isn't interior Alaska. Nor are our homes really insulated for it. But, we can layer and sit under blankets and be quite cozy.

Sunday I didn't get dressed, but I did put a t-shirt nightgown on under my flannel nightie and terry robe. And sat under a blanket. And drank hot ginger tea instead of ice water.

I love the sound of the wind and the blue, blue sky is a cheerful sight. But even my feet felt cold when I stepped out to get the newspaper. Brrr.

Snow Miser courtesy Rankin Bass Studios.


lilalia said...

-35, that is cold, no matter what measuring system. Even if you are not living in the interior, aren't winters real winters with snow and cold? Brrr, it makes my toes cold just thinking about insignificant insulation. Are you guys decedents of the Scots?

J at said...

Yay snow miser! Love that guy. :)

It's warming up here, with lows in the 40s, and I guess it's going to rain tonight. Yay rain miser!

Hope you get some insulating cloud cover SOON.

Joy Des Jardins said...

It's 27 degrees here right now...but -35.....Yikes, that really is cold J. Winter is definitely here....stay warm dear friend.....

Suzann said...

Stay warm, here in Minnesota we are colder than we should we this time of year. Sending warm your way :)