Tuesday, December 25, 2007

& Christmas Morning

As promised, the rest of the SFGate.com animal pictures I liked. Gentle moments with wild wonders.

Here we have a tiger with a donkey pinata all his own.

And a white tiger with cubs. Including the one who thinks climbing Mom's head is fun.

And a lovely green snakes.

Ah, Mama Tiger and Baby Pig.

And several baby pandas. These are the result of an artificial insemination breeding program. It seems to be working.

Mama cat has adopted some chicks to raise with her kittens.

It doesn't matter how big they get, a cat is a cat and a cub is a kitten.

Baby lemur holds on tight to his stuffed toy, just like any child.

Here we have a lamb being carried by a donkey.

And a little bear caught in the folding chair.

Knut's first public appearance.

Friendship between a kitten and a puppy.

A zebra and a dolphin contemplating each other through the glass.

Tiger cubs and orangutan babies playing.

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Merry Christmas!