Saturday, December 08, 2007


You may have noticed/guessed that I love fruit. Just now, as there are still pomegranates and persimmons to be had, the Cuties have come in. Cuties are California clementines -- and as they say on the box, E-Z peel, seedless, and super-sweet.

They come in a box, like above, and the end looks like the picture to the right. I have kept four of the boxes, because the Hooligans like to sleep in them, so they have a set downstairs and a set upstairs.

So far, in a week and a half, I've eaten three boxes. I could easily do in an entire display, seen left, if I could get them spaced out enough that they didn't go bad.

The first time I had them I was visiting Julie, Maya, and Ted. Julie bought a box and Maya and I almost ate them all that afternoon. We soon had to go back for more. I have never seen Maya eat so much at one time in my life. And, whenever I eat them, I always think of her and how much fun that was.

And I still have my other late fall treats! My persimmons and my pomegranates! Oh, heaven. And, Thursday was Richard's birthday, so Richard and Kathy and I went out to dinner and I had Alaska king crab, and there was one leg to bring home and I had that for dinner today. I tell you, the food couldn't get any better.



Deja Pseu said...

I love the Cuties too, and they seem to be especially sweet this year.

Ginnie said...

I love Clementines and they come in a wooden sided box but they are not called "Cuties" here. My friend Douglas who passed away 1 1/2 yrs ago would always have 2 or three on hand and a shaker of cinnamon to sprinkle on them.

gawilli said...

Yes. I love them also, although I cannot ever get through a box before they go bad. Luckily my new son-in-law loves them also! Now he's a Cutie!


MrsGrumpy said...

We have gone through 2 boxes in just a few days because Kroger had the Cuties on sale 2 for $10. mmmMMMMmmmm good.

Maya's Granny said...

Yes, this year's crop seems to be very good, indeed.

Here in Alaska we used to get another brand of Clementines in a wooden box, as well. I haven't seen one of those in years -- and I loved them, since the fruit was wonderful and the box was very useful.

So glad you have someone to help you eat your Cuties!

Mrs. Grumpy,
I get mine at Fred Meyer, and they run about $6 a box. MMM good, indeed.

Chancy said...

The clementines are in at our local stores also. Like Ginnie said they are not called cuties but they do come in a wooden box.

I will try the cinnimon sprinkles on them