Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Birthday, Deardle Heart

One of my favorite pictures of Julie. For a more current photo, there are two on my sidebar. Do click to enlarge.
Last year at this time I posted Julie Yvonne, December 31, 1965, about the day Julie was born.

Julie has always been a sheer joy to me. She was the most serious, sweet, funny, smart, and loving child. Deeply sensitive, she hated winning Monopoly games against her grandmother, because she didn't want Grandma to lose. She has a natural affinity for animals which, combined with her sensitivity, could lead her to bring a snail with a cracked shell in to me to be fixed (we put adhesive tape, which seemed to do the trick) or to nag me until I fixed the small hole in the screen door that she was picturing the kitten escaping through.

Julie has become a woman to be proud of. She is an excellent mother and a good wife. I can't imagine that anyone in the world has a better daughter. She lets me know how much she loves me. She loves and trusts me enough to tell me when she needs me to do something for her or not do something to her.

Julie is still funny and smart and sweet and loving and brave and . . . The list is long; perhaps the list is endless. Julie is a treasure.

You can read her blog, Thinking About and learn her take on the world.


Laura said...

This is a beautiful tribute. And, I have to say, you gave the world a gift with your daughter. I hope she, and you, have many more wonderful years of memories made. Happy New Year.

J at said...

I'm blushing over here. :) Thank you mom. I love you. Your card this morning made me feel all smooshy, too.

Uncivil said...

I think it so neat that the two of you have blogs!
You both are an inspiration as to how Mother/Daughter relationships should be!!!!
Happy New Year!

Cherry said...

On Monday I actually forgot it was NYE and just kept thinking it was Julie's birthday and I must call her.

You probably already know this, but your daughter is a wonderful friend, on top of all of those other sweet things you said about her.

Joy Des Jardins said...

The list IS endless....and it should be. I'd say Julie is as proud of you as you are of her.....that's the beauty of a mom and her child. Thank you for such a sweet post J.

Jill said...

Happy birthday, Julie! You and your mom are so lucky to have each other!