Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Think He Passed My Test

Chris Dodd was on Countdown last night, talking about his action on the FISA bill on Monday. He said that after they passed the Military Commissions Act, he realized that he should have filibustered it. And he promised himself that he would not allow such a bill to be passed again without standing to support the Constitution. He also said that if he becomes president, his first order of business will be to restore the Constitution. To return this country to a lawful standing. To honor the Geneva Convention.

And his action on Monday proved what so many of us have been saying all along -- one brave man can make a difference. One brave man who doesn't assume that the fight is lost and so he might as well give up. One brave man who not only votes against bad laws but filibusters and whatever else it takes to drive back the forces of darkness.


Rain said...

i have liked him all along. I just wish he stood a chance. He has consistently stood up for what is right. It's a shame this country elects presidents based on looks and charisma instead of ability and integrity

J at said... going to vote for him?

I saw part of Countdown last night, and he was indeed great. :)

Maya's Granny said...

I'm still back Kucinich, but if Dodd is nominated I can vote for him with pleasure.

Never That Easy said...

That whole "making a difference" thing - I wonder why they all don't get that that is what we're all looking for? That we just want somebody who hasn't given up, who realizes that things have to change and that they have to be the ones to step up and do it. :sigh: