Thursday, December 13, 2007

Joy to the World

When Forry was just four, as in this picture of the two of us (do click to enlarge), Mama married Daddy and we lived in a house in the country outside of Stockton. In those days I was Joy. For the first time since our father died, Mama didn't have to work, and so she and Forry were home together while I was at school and Daddy was at work. And, in those days before we had a TV, Mama listened to the radio -- soap operas and music. My mama loves soap operas and music. I don't think that Joseph, Mary, and Florence, the elderly man and wife and sister who had been caring for him before, listened to the radio much at all.

So, Forry was hearing a lot of things for the first time and noticing them. There were jingles on the radio for Joy dish detergent. There were jingles for Almond Joy candy bars. And, come December, there was the Christmas carol, Joy to the World.

The Christmas carol was the last straw. One day when it was on, poor Forry turned to Mama and asked in a pitiful voice, "Always Joy. Why is it always Joy and never me?"


J at said...

That's totally not fair. ;)

Kelli said...

I love your stories, as well as your expression in that picture. :-)

Betty said...

LOL. Shades of "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!"