Sunday, December 30, 2007


Saturday was a lazy day, with snow on the ground and no real tasks needing to be done. So, I snuggled up in my recliner under a blanket, with both Hooligans using me as a chaise lounge,* and watched Serenity.

I didn't discover Firefly until the word was out that it had been canceled.** Since then, it has been rerun on the science fiction channel and come out on DVD, which I gladly purchased. The incredible fan phenomenon that led to a short lived TV show being made into a movie pleased me no end.

When I was younger, there was no way I would ever have believed that I could actually own movies and TV programs to watch whenever I chose. Maybe one or two, if I loved them enough to put that kind of money into them. But, that the technology would exist that would allow me to have a library of films was not something I had considered. And that they would be smaller than books would have blown me out of the water.

* Pippin curled up on my shoulder, Merry between my feet.
** I still find it hard to believe that with as many people who I know, starting with Richard, who know that I love quality science fiction, no one told me about it. They just assumed that, of course, I knew. No, no. Of course I may know about books. Not necessarily TV.


Laura said...

I will have to look into that for James. He is my sci-fi boy.

Chancy said...

Thanks for the review. I will keep an eye out for "Serenity" Sooner or later most every movie lands on our cable movie on demand.

For my recent birthday my son gave me the DVDs of "Planet Earth. Since we bought ourselves a large flat screen plasma TV for Christmas I am really looking forward to "Planet Earth" on it.
The picture and sound are so lifelike and almost 3D

Have a happy and safe New Year.

Never That Easy said...

Firefly and Serenity are FABULOUS: I feel in love a while back, and have Netflixed them all ( a few times)... Between Joss Whedon & Nathan Fillon, the only thing that could make this series better would be if Aaron Sorkin guest wrote an episode or two. :Sigh: