Friday, January 11, 2008

The Right

What will you do to protect the rights of all Americans to worship -- or not?

Particularly, what will you do to protect the rights of people who are not like you? People who do not believe what you believe? People who you think are wrong?

Will you protect the rights of all Americans to believe and think what they will? Or do you think that the people who agree with you are somehow more American? More right? More worthy?


Rain said...

Great YouTube and valid concern given how many Americans now claim to be of one mindset. I really like James Whitmore :)

J at said...

I support the right of all people to believe what they will...but to sacrifice for someone's right to worship? Since I put little value on religion, I would have trouble giving up my life, or anyone else's, for that.

Uncivil said...

I think Americans should have the right to belive in their god, as well as I should have the right not to.
I also believe churches are run like a business, and they should be taxed as such!

I keep seeing these little churches pop up in strip malls all over the south? I just can't help but believe it's all about the money and tax breaks?

I think if we taxed them, you would see who the real believers are!