Monday, February 11, 2008

Canada Goose

My friend Gawilli, over at Back in the Day, posted the other day on Canada Geese who have decided to be year round residents of Indiana and who are now so numerous that they have become a nuisance.
It isn’t unusual to see them haunting the parking lots in search of leavin’s from a populace that can’t seem to get the trash in the can. At times they are aggressive and have even been known to attack and nip those in close range.
Which reminded me of one day, when I was living in California and returned to my car in time to witness a very prospersous appearing gentleman, with silver hair and a suit that had to have cost $1,000 being forbidden entry to his BMW by a large, aggressive, Canada goose. The poor man had no idea how to deal with this, and was helplessly waving at the large bird and saying, "Shoo, goosey. Shoo, goosey. Please shoo, goosey."

Since we all live in such urban landscapes, we tend to forget such things as that geese are really aggressive birds. Some farmers have had watch geese, and they are as good at it as dogs ever were. Those necks are strong, the beaks are sharp, and they do not take to strangers. Very territorial birds, geese.


Rain said...

They cause grief to some farmers in the NW too as they come in and graze sometimes doing damage. We have too many of the lesser Canadians and too few of the greater so that worries environmentalists. I guess the lesser crowd out the greater. The size of flocks I have seen in the sky this year seem to be greater. Possibly hunters are taking less, not sure of the reasons. We have restores some habitats out here; so that might also be a factor. They are indeed messy as well as aggressive if they get in larger numbers on say a golf course-- which they dearly love.

Betty said...

I'm pretty sure that if I were a goose, I wouldn't take "Shoo, Goosey" very seriously, either. lol