Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Things I've Learned From This Experience

  • The tea is stronger if you actually put the bag in the hot water.
  • A catheter that lets you sleep without having to get up multiple times in the night to pee has much to recommend it.
  • Good friends are a blessing beyond price. Those who make sure you're ok, and those that send flowers.
  • You feel a little foolish when you read a list of symptoms and you had them all.
  • It's possible for a cheerful, optimistic person to feel cheerful and optimistic, and still be depressed.
  • If you bother to mention the last name of an old high school buddy, your mother might know who you're talking about.
  • If your body isn't acting at all like it usually does, you might pay attention to that.
  • The King's youngest daughter was right - food without salt is a little dull.
  • Myth Busters is as much fun in the middle of the night as it is at noon.
  • Hospitals aren't nearly as restful as you'd think.

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