Friday, April 04, 2008


So, here we are a few days later. The second night, same problems. About 12:30 I realize that my legs are doing Riverdance up the bed frame. Duuhh!! Restless legs. Had them for years, but I've been able to control them for the last three. One quarter Perkocet at bed time, another every four hours. But there is no way to get this cure now, because the nurse can't give me any drugs without doctor's instruction and there is no doctor available after 11:30. But, now I know what the problem is and can relax. Immediately that I pay attention to my legs, I begin to feel that the need to pee is not a need to pee, but a need to twitch! & then at 4:00 the attack ends, & I have the cna put me to bed. Just as I've drifted off, there is a lab tech to try for blood! This dialog is literally what I said.


"It's doctor's orders."

"Young woman, has no one ever told you that to wake up a woman with multiple sleeping disorders just as she has finally fallen asleep two nights in a row is a capital crime? Run for your life!"

Which she did.

Two hours of sleep.

The next night, the nurse has told the doctor what the problem/solution is & at 9:30 brings me the Perkocet. I sleep for 3 hours & request the 2nd dose. Except it hasn't been ordered & it's past 11:30.

Three hours of sleep.

Yesterday morning the nurse tells the dr. the problem & requests orders for the second dose. 9:30, get my dose, sleep 3 hours & the nurse goes for the second dose, only to discover -- the doctor hasn't amended the orders. & it's now after 11:30*
So I decide to get up & sit out the attack. I signal the cna, she tells me she 2 people to deal with and then will help me up. 1 1/2 hous later & I'm twitching out of my mind, still in bed. My roommate & I both start to ring. The cna comes in & tells me she had left me on purpose! Knowing I'd fall asleep!

I dealt with that & will tell you later, but I have to stop & let my arm rest.

* I have now added a new sleeping disorder to RLS & apnea. Dr. Agnew's bedtime.


fran said...

Dear Joyceln,
robert and I continue to be concerned about you. I finally got your blog thing together so I can go and find, but not at school!
Damm the medical establlshment is unwieldy. No trust for the person who is the patient! I have all my fingers working but the print is so small I can barely read it.
Please do not answer this as typing is so tough right now, just know we care and love you. We are wishing you a very speedy healing. as you a being who is stubborn and strong we expect no less.
fondly fran love from robert too.

Anvilcloud said...

How aggravating for you, but those nurses must be petrified.

Bitty said...

I hope this night brings you some blessed sleep.

At least your beautiful sense of humor is in fine working order!

Continue to mend, dear lady.

lilalia said...

How terribly frustrating it must be. I do hope that they medical crew finally just do their job and get you what you want.

How is the physiotherapy going?

Do you sleep a lot during the day as a result of those terrible nights?

I wish you all the best.

Deja Pseu said...

Ack! There are few things worse than not being able to sleep. I hope they wise up and get you what you need to get some damn rest.

GirlGriot said...

She had left you on purpose ... because she knew you'd fall asleep?!!! Are. You. Kidding. Me?!

Ok, I've taken a breath and calmed myself.

I'm so sorry that happened to you.

I continue to be so happy to log on and find you keeping us all up to date. If I were there, I'd be giving those folks what-for, but instead I'll just send you some healing, restful energy.


geogrrl said...

People like that cna need someone to come to them just as they drift off to sleep--every time--during the night and wake them up.

I have hereditary RLS, and I feel for you

"Go back to sleep" my arse.