Monday, July 03, 2006

The Twilight's Last Gleaming

I was visiting Pureland Mountain and Robert was talking about the total loss of fiscal control by our government and how it is leading to a global meltdown and I started to comment and then realized that unless my comment was going to be bigger than his post, I probably needed to post it here. I had been thinking about the Fourth, about needing to say something about the wonderful country that we were given and that we seem to be allowing to slip out of our hands, and this just fit so well.

I expected to spend my granny years making the world better for Maya. When I was raising my kids, I was broke and inexperienced and lacking in time, contacts, political savy, and other resources. Keeping them fed and in braces, teaching them to love each other and be decent human beings, assuring them that they were loved and lovable -- that stretched my abilities. But now -- now, although I am still broke and nowhere near as politically savy as I suddenly need to be, I do have more disposable time and even a measured amount of disposable income, I have some degree of wisdom, I am as well connected as I am ever apt to be. I should be able to work to advance freedoms for Maya's generation. Instead, I am trying to stem the incoming tide. The literal tide as the glaciers melt. The tide of red ink as this administration throws our children's incomes into the bottomless maw of an unjustified war. The tide of tyranny as Congress allows the executive to ignore the Bill of Rights one after the other and totally subvert the Constitution.

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Gina said...

It saddens me and angers me that these people are willing to sell the futures of their own grandchildren for a few bucks and some transitory power.