Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging

Brothers at Play

Merry and Pippin are best friends, and have been since they were small kittens. Here they are exploring the wonderful world of bubbles. Every cat owner should have bubble soap -- watching them bat the bubble and see it disappear is delightful. Once they have become blase about that, blowing the bubble full of smoke is a new variation. When they hit the bubble, the smoke hangs in the air for a few seconds, which they are not expecting. I haven't done that with a cat in over 30 years, since I stopped smoking.

They also loved the rocking chair when they were small. These days they are so big that it isn't as much fun, but in the early days they climbed the back and batted each other through the bentwood and peaked at each other through the caning.

This wonderful blue ring was a gift to the Hooligans from Maya. It provides hours of entertainment. When they stop playing with it, I put it away for a few months and then when it comes out again it is, once again, novel. They don't forget it, but they do become interested in it again.

In this picture the laser light is crossing the ceiling. Merry is tracking it, Pippin has lost sight of it and is searching for it. The light on the wall is a night light, which my apartment is full of due to the long, dark, winter nights.

Here they are playing with a shoe string that Merry has carried to the top of the scratching post. All of these pictures were taken before the Kitty Condo was purchased.

And here they have pulled the shoestring down to the bottom of the scratching post. Soon Merry carried it back up again, and the play started all over.

Needless to say, these two always sleep soundly.


Cherry said...

I love kitty pictures.
I am sad that I didn't take many when my boys were kittens, and they grew up so fast. Most of thier currect pictures are of them sleeping. I think about getting a camcorder so I can record some of their high speed action that still occasionally happens.

Thailand Gal said...

Gorgeous cats! Many years back, I had two big furry Persian cats. Never ceased to provide much pleasure, even with the clean-up :)

Thailand Gal


Anvilcloud said...

We have, sometimes, had two cats, but never two that really got along.

pepektheassassin said...

Hi, Granny! Saw you on Endments blog and upon looking over your spot, I decided you are another incarnation of me! (Also an old hippie, mother of 2 dogs and 5 grown sons, granny of 7--but only 1 girl! --so I'm Ashley's Granny). I have a nephew living in Weed, and a grandfather buried in Clovis. And we vacationed in Alaska two summers ago! Loved it!

Chancy said...

Precious kitties.

Linda Atkins said...

Hi! It was fun to see pictures of the Hooligans. Do you have a digital camera, or do you scan conventional prints? I am in awe of your lovely design and all the photos and so forth. Your blog really looks great!

Maya's Granny said...

I scan standard photos. My blog design is a blogger template, and my daughter got me started. Put in the all my original sidebar and all of that. I have tweaked it a good bit as I have learned, but mostly it is her work. I really like it.

AnvilCloud - The Hooligans are litter mates, which makes for a head start in developing friendship. And they are fixed so we don't have excessive male dominance things going.

My experience is that if you bring one cat into another cat's territory you may well have trouble, although not always. Starting them both in a new place helps keep that down.