Saturday, March 17, 2007

Signposts to Sanity

An occasional feature where your lovin' Granny points you at somebody else's really good stuff

For those of us who may feel that we are not exercising enough, and that it is impossible to exercise too much, please go over to see Sandy Szwarc at Junkfood Science and read about the downside of high impact exercise. The fact that people in their 40s are having joint replacement surgery because they thought they were doing something that was good for them, and perhaps forced themselves to do so under the idea that "no pain, no gain" is sobering.

And while you are at it, check out her article on the neurological harm that is too common with weight loss surgery.

And just to round things out, Cooking Up Fears not only deals with the hype about the danger of Teflon cookware, it also has a lovely rundown on how fears are created and exploited -- a thing we can all use understanding of.

And in a variation of the theme of harm masqurading as good, do go over to and read The Sport of King George by David Michael Green for an in-depth look at supporting the troops.

And here we have an editorial cartoon from the Juneau Empire, March 16, 2007. Gotta love it.


Deja Pseu said...

Great cartoon!!!

I haven't read Sandy's articles yet, but I've often wondered how much of the bad osteo-arthritis in my hip was caused by high-impact exercise routines when I was younger.

Betty said...

I always knew exercise was dangerous! And, surgery that can make you lose brain cells? If I'm going to lose brain cells, I'd rather drink to do it.

I knew a young man in his early thirties who keeled over with a corony while he was jogging. He had been jogging for years at that point. He was the healthiest looking corpse I'd ever seen.

joared said...

The links you provide certainly do highlight the fact that people need to read or listen to more than just sound bites, abbreviated written headline blurbs that prevail as news today. Skepticism and common sense are essential with so much we're "fed." We just have to know the reliability of our sources, search for more indepth information which can be found not only on select Internet sites. "Junkfood Science" looks to be a good link -- thanks.

I happen to believe, too, that as they age that many of those receiving some of these stomach surgeries now, are going to be at increased risk for experiencing a variety of eating problems, beyond what even she mentions, especially if they develop other medical issues.

joared said...

This is a really informative post accentuating how important it is that we use a bit of skepticism and common sense, coupled with looking beyond the sound bites, headlines and short blurbs re a lot of medical information to which we're subjected. Thanks for the link.

I think for some, they will be at increased risk for even more eating related problems, especially if they acquire additional medical issues as they age.