Sunday, July 15, 2007

Palm Trees and Airports

Do click to enlarge picture.

So I was over at Rambling and Roving, Cuppa and Anvil Cloud's travel blog, and she had posted some pictures of palm trees they had seen in British Columbia. That's pretty far north for palm trees, and it reminded me of when I lived in Fairbanks and a group of friends and I decided that we wanted to plant palms out at the airport. We would put them on elevators so that during the winter they would be under ground and protected under sunlamps. And then, when planes landed, the elevators could raise them and surprise all of the folks flying into the frigid, snowy land.

I have since seen snow on palm trees, one year when I was living in central California. So, here is a picture I found on Google Image. I still think it would have been a hoot to line the runway at Fairbanks International with them, but I suppose it would cost too much. Oh, the fun I could have and the joy I could spread if only I won a lot of money!


Bridget Magnus said...

Here's some palm trees with snow on them, but they were growing in Las Vegas (point of trivia, it was wedding day for Piro and Seraphim of Megatokyo, but we didn't know it at the time).

Maya's Granny said...

That's wonderful. It is such an unusual sight that it makes me smile.