Sunday, August 26, 2007

Miscellaneous Odd Things

I eat pistachios daily for my blood sugar. And, I like them. Since my blood sugar will raise when I first get up if I don't immediately eat, and since I often wake up an hour or more before I eat breakfast, I keep a supply in a big glass jar by my computer and nibble a few while blogging in the morning.

Pippin also loves pistachios. If the shell is partly open, he can get his teeth in there and open it. Then he eats the nut, leaving the shells whereever they fall. I try not to let him have them, since I don't like stepping on pistachio shells and I don't want him begging or stealing food.

A couple of weeks ago, he waited until the waste basket next to the computer desk had about a two week supply of shells, and then knocked if over and had a field day. And I, of course, was stepping on shells even after I thought I cleaned them all up.

So, I started putting the shells in a plastic bag and tying it closed every day, so that if he tipped the basket, the plastic bags would spill instead of loose shells. More fool me. Friday night he tipped over the waste basket and ate holes in all the plastic bags, spreading pistachio shells all over the floor.

For a few months, I've had this odd thing going on with comment moderation. I would sign in, and dashboard would tell me I had one extra comment to moderate. So, even when there were none, it said one. And then tonight when it said two, I went to moderate and, by golly, there were two comments. One dated from February! After I moderated them, just to check, I signed out and then back in and sure enough, dashboard didn't say I had a comment to moderate! Now, where in cyberspace do you suppose that comment had been?


Joy Des Jardins said...

Hmmmmm, only The Shadow knows J. Well, that kinda dates me, doesn't it?

BTW....Pistachio nuts are one of my favorite things to eat. My problem is knowing when to stop.

Kelli said...

So...what's the deal with blood sugar rising shortly after waking, and how does eating something keep it down?

Maya's Granny said...

I have no idea how that works, only that it does. I was astonished when I first started testing my blood that it was so high before I had eaten and it took me a while to realize that it depended on how long I'd been awake. My doctor says it's not unusual and that eating something like nuts or cheese will take care of it.

Mary Lou said...

Mine crashes when I sleep! I will wake up after about two hours and take my glucose and it will be down around 40! SO I get up drink some orange juice and eat a piece of bread with pnut butter on it. In the morning I dont eat breakfast, but coofee will shoot it up there into the 200's! I hate this crap!

Maya's Granny said...

Mary Lou,
I have to say that I'm not overly fond of this crap myself. Although I do like pistachios.