Monday, August 27, 2007

Tall People

One day when I lived in Sacramento, I was in a movie theater with my friend Linda, who is even shorter than me (and not many are). We were waiting for the movie to start, the lights were on, and we were the only people in the place. In came a very tall man and woman. They slowly and carefully looked around, and then, so help me God, they came over and sat right in front of us.

As we were sitting, stunned, trying to figure out what to do*, an African American couple came in and sat near us. At which point the tall couple got up in a huff and moved as far from us as they could.

* I usually am not concerned about speaking up for myself, but we were both also very aware that people who would do that in such a deliberate manner might not think twice about clocking us if we spoke up or following us if we moved.


J at said...

So is that the tiny little silver lining of racism? That the idiots were racist enough to move away, thus freeing up your view?


Deja Pseu said...

Wow, tall AND racist jerks.

It almost never fails that someone tall will sit in front of me at the movies. Most of the new theaters being built around here have what they call "stadium style" seating, which means that the seating area slopes sharply downward, reducing the likelihood of blocked views, so I tend to steer us toward those theaters on the rare occassion when we get out to the movies.

Angela said...

I've always known us short people are discriminated against! Thanks for confirming it for me.


gawilli said...

Well shame on them, and shame on them again.