Saturday, September 08, 2007

Why We Love Bears

By worldromer, who says,
BEST VIEWED ON SMALLEST SCREEN: We did a bush plane bear viewing fly-in from Kenai to Big River Lake. Unlike land based viewing from 150ft (a half football field away three of us were in an open motorized ROW BOAT so that all filming was from about 20-40 feet away.Despite being that close we WERE NOT ON LAND and the bears had all their uninterrupted space. It was Black bears choice to swim toward our boat. Quite amazing when he gets to within FIVE FEET OF US. Younger Black bears are 'playing' at a tree. Mother Grizzly strolls from a nearby hill and leads her cubs to the water and to US! And NO, Grizzly cub does not try to snack on the ducks.
NOTE: Sorry about a bit of camera 'wobble' the direct result of BEING ON A SMALL BOAT!


Rain said...

that was so cool, great way to start a morning :) Thanks

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