Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Heart Warming

"Once a mom, always a mom: Honey the retriever plays wet nurse to Precious the kitty in Stephens City, Va. The kitten's cries apparently prompted Honey to produce milk, even though she hasn't had a litter of her own for a year and a half."



J at said...

I'm glad when Maya's hungry, I don't start producing milk...HA!

This picture reminded me of a show I saw a commercial for last night on's called Heart of a Lioness, and it's all about a Lioness who for some reason adopts an Oryx calf. Even when she's hungry, she doesn't eat her prey. You might find it interesting:

Chancy said...

That is so interesting. I learned something.

My 8 year old grand daughter just got a new kitten. She already had a small doggie. She told me that maybe her new kitten could nurse from her doggie's nipples. I said nope. But you have proven me wrong.