Thursday, October 11, 2007

Maya In The Morning*

On weekends, Mama and Dado and Maya spend the day together, but the rest of the week Mama goes to work and Dado works on his dissertation and Maya goes to Montessori. Dado and Mama both want to spend time with Maya every single day, and the way they have arranged it is this: Mama goes to work very early, while Maya and Dado are still sleeping, so Dado gets to spend mornings with Maya. Dado takes Maya to Montessori when he goes to work on his dissertation. Because Mama goes to work so early, she comes home earlier than Dado, and so Mama picks Maya up at Montessori, and she spends her afternoons with Maya. Then, when Dado finishes his work for the day, he joins Maya and Mama, and they spend the evening together.

So, one morning in January, Mama got up early and took her shower and did her hair and got dressed in her going-to-work clothes. And Maya woke up and went to the bathroom, and then she crawled into bed with Dado. Oh, how nice it was to cuddle in with her Dado. It was so nice, in fact, that Maya, who is very much like her Mama was as a girl and so not a snugglorum most of the time, decided she really liked it and said to Mama, "There's room for you." Oh, how Mama wanted to crawl right into that bed with her sleep smuggered girl! Mama has hardly ever wanted anything as much as she wanted to crawl right in and cuddle right up! But, she already had her going-to-work clothes on, she already was all ready to go. So, she girded her loins and kept a stiff upper lip and behaved in a responsible manner and off she went to work. But she surely didn't want to. All day Mama thought about how nice it would have been to snuggle right in with Dado and Maya. All day she wished she could have just done it. Indeed, she thought about it so much she had to send an e-mail to Granny, who understood very well indeed.

* A story I wrote for Maya and about Maya when she was much younger.

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J at said...

Somehow I suspect the world wouldn't have ended if I had done it, either. Sigh.