Thursday, January 03, 2008

Gallic Legs

I've mentioned before that I have restless legs syndrome. Usually I take a quarter of a percocet, about 82 mgs, before I go to bed and then a second quarter about four hours later and that takes care of it.

However, last night my left leg wanted to do the sword dance

And that sort of made sense. There is some minor amount of Scot in me.

and my right leg was set on joining the cast of River Dance.

Since I'm not Irish, despite my last name, it makes one wonder.

So, when I got up at the four hour mark, I took a whole 325 mgs tablet. Which quieted my legs nicely, thank you very much. But I've seldom had such colorful dreams. Including the one about how I couldn't get to sleep because someone had fried eggs with the guitar and I couldn't find the Ajax to get it clean.

Those dreams about how I can't get to sleep because of some such nonsense as this are, sadly to say, all too common. I suppose it shows that having sleeping disorders creeps into my dreams so that even when I am sleeping I'm concerned that I'm not. It is only later, when I get up for some reason and think about how I couldn't sleep because of this impossible thing that was happening that I realize I had been sleeping all along. Which is sort of too bad, because the things that happen when I think I'm trying to sleep are really amazing. They might even make for good science fiction.

Sword dance, by Clan Currie
River dance, Design © 1998-2007 Ken Kocanda


Anvilcloud said...

If you Riverdance at night, you must keep very fit indeed. :)

Seriously, this must be a most vexing occurrence. I wish you well.

Rain said...

Dreams are interesting to me. Mine sometimes come out of something right before bed or the immediate day but other times, it's a mystery. Some I believe have meaning in terms of symbols but some are just the mind having fun.

Daisy said...

Just letting you know, you just got mentioned over on my blog, the thread titled "Where are all the old women bloggers?" And here you are! :)

It's great to visit and hello there!

Chancy said...

Recently my dreams have gotten quite colorful also. But with a dark undertone. I do not like these sort of dreams. For instance, the day before former PM Butto was shot I dreamed about a large group of commando type men dressed in black with black beret type hats who showed up demanding justice from the CEO of a company. One of the men had a live hand grenade and I woke up just as he was set to detonate it.


Perhaps we should collaborate on the science fiction.

I hope you sleep well tonight.