Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Edwards is sounding good. These primaries have a very interesting feature. Which is, the Dems have a full field of candidates who are interesting for various reasons and all of whom have growing appeal to a portion of the voters. While the GOP has a full field of candidates who are interesting in a whole different way and none of whom seems to appeal to voters for long.

The GOP seems to be flailing around for a candidate that they like, with favor shifting from one to another wildly, with the favorite of the moment likely to be the most recent to be noticed. The more people learn about the candidates, the less they want them. "America's Mayor" was the favorite until people began to hear about how he had actually functioned before and after 9/11. Romney held it until people began to get worried about the combination of too liberal and religion. Thompson was great until he actually declared. Huckabee frightens the mainline GOP, who may well be wondering if courting the religious right was such a good idea after all. Ron Paul has his following, but many people are noticing his affiliations with racist organizations. McCain may come up from behind, and take the nomination, and he's certainly the most experienced candidate. It will be interesting to watch.

Meanwhile, before you get to the front runners in the Democratic party, you have my man Kucinich, who doesn't have the backing but would certainly do a good job. Dodd, who has proven his quality by standing up for what he believes with the FISA bill. Richardson, who has experience and stands for getting the troops home. And all three of them talk about making the Constitution a priority. The top three offer a woman with an actual chance of winning, a black man with an actual chance of winning, and Edwards, who the polls show as able to defeat any GOP candidate.

Personally, I could easily back Kucinich, Dodd, Richardson, or Edwards. I see Clinton as too much in the pocket of the corporations and too hawkish. I also dislike the idea of dynasties, and Bush - Clinton - Bush - Clinton frightens me. And, let's face it. Every other candidate up there is up there on their own merit. Clinton wouldn't be considered after one term in the Senate if she hadn't been married to Bill; she might not even be a senator if she hadn't been married to Bill. Obama is being rushed. He may well have the potential, but not necessarily yet.

Anyway, that's how I feel about it. And tomorrow we can see how Iowa feels about it.

UpdateAnd Joe Biden, Mike Gravel, Duncan Hunter, and Alan Keyes have made so little impression on me, that I totally forgot them when I originally wrote this post.


Deja Pseu said...

I've always liked Edwards; he's the only one in the pack who seems to understand and address class issues.

Rain said...

I won't be unhappy if Edwards wins. He has some issues I don't agree with him on but so do the rest. I'd like to see it be him or Obama and hope very much that Hillary gets booted out of serious contention in these early primaries. I don't think it'll be decided in either New Hampshire or Iowa but rather several states down the line. I don't like Richardson as much as I expected but do like Dodd, Biden, and Kucinich but they aren't likely.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Edwards is looking pretty good right now, and that there are interesting days ahead. I also hope that Clinton does not get the nomination as I would have a difficult time voting for her. Initially I was hoping Obama would come out better, but it doesn't look like it. Fasten your seatbelts!

J at said...

I like Edwards a lot dad made a good argument for supporting Clinton while we were in Oregon. She seems to be the only one who really truly knows how to fight, and will do so, not let it go to the other side if it's close, ala Gore and Kerry. Worth considering.