Friday, January 25, 2008

Weather Update

Well, we are expecting a lot of snow today. Between seven and 13 inches, according to Yahoo. And, continuing snow off and on for the next week. At the moment* it is falling heavily and the plow just went by for the third time this morning. The Hooligans are fascinated. I'm rather enjoying it myself.

* 9:00 A.M. Alaska Standard Time.

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kenju said...

It is good that you are enjoying it - as I wouldn't be. I do like seeing photos of it, though!

J at said...

Snow is great, unless you have to drive a lot in it. Then it's just slippery and likes to get in your way.

Laura said...

I lived in Johnstown, Pa for four years. The first year we lived there it snowed EVERY DAY from the week before Halloween until April. Driving was horrendous, of course, since the terrain is very hilly, but the daily snowfall was kind of nice, since the snow never got dirty.

It was a good year and I miss those times. (Especially since my girls were little and we used to cuddle up by the fireplace and read "The Long Winter" by Laura Ingalls Wilder. :))