Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Notes from the Hospital

6:45 a.m.

The first day I was here, my brother the infamous Forrest, called me and told me he was "Rich the Stich" from the Haight Ashbury and a whole bunch of the 'old gang' were cheering for me to make it. And he thought it was funny that I would think someone from 1963 would know that I'd had a heart attack. "How," he wanted to know, did I think Rich had found out?
"Julie posted it on my blog."
"People read your blog?"

So, on Saturday evening when Forrest called claiming to be a perfectly respectable black man looking for his sister, I didn't fall for it! I'm just lucky that I didn't tell him that he didn't do a very good black man! And when he actually did call late, he didn't think it was nearly as hilarious as I did. But,in my James Thurber loving mind, yesterday will always be the day Forrest pretended to be a black person.

Richard went back to Juneau on Thursday. My surgery was too far out for him to be able to be here than and take time off to bring me home. (J's has been pushed back until Wednesday at the earliest). Poor Julie, feeling so sad when Richard left her alone!

Poor Richard, to have to go to Juneau and close out my apartment. To have to decide which of my stuff to send to California, and which not. To have to find new homes for my Hooligans! To deal with banks and all the other business which I won't be able to pick up again for awhile.


Uncivil said...

Just checking in on ya Granny! Looks like you're hanging tough!Good to see you blogging! I'll check back later.

Jill said...

Wish I could take time off work and hop on a plane to Anchorage!!!!!! Thinking of you and sending you all good wishes. And best to Julie and Richard, too--they have a lot on their plates. I wish my husband wasn't allergic to cats--the Hooligans would be welcome at my house for sure!!!!

geogrrl said...

I'm just curious--why is your apartment being closed down and the Hooligans given away? Will you no longer be able to live on your own?

Maya's Granny said... mom's house is on a steep steep hill, which gets very icy. Inside the house is a steep set of stairs. It's not a good place for someone to live with artery blockage, and not a good place for her to recover either. So eventually she can live alone again, but not yet, and never in that house.

~J (signed in as Maya's Granny)

Mary Lou said...

I wish I was closer I would gladly take in your hooligans until you were ready for them back. I could not think of giving up my BABIES! THey would be LOST with out me.

Hope everything goes well on Wednesday. I will be checking back.

J...Can you send me her snail mail address where she can get a card?

kenju said...

I am so sory to read all this. I cannot believe you let that arm pain go on for so long with no call to the doctor, especially combined with nausea.

My arm and shoulder have been hurting for 4-5 days, but I saw my doc and it is muscle spasms. I wish that is all yours was.

It is too bad that you will have to move, but a home with fewer steps is just the ticket. Wishing you the best!

lilalia said...

Still crossing my fingers. Still lighting a candle and sending you all my thoughts. So, if not today, then Wednesday or later. Just let us know.

Anonymous said...

I've been getting information from Julie, but just checked this and see the surgery is now Wednesday. Hope it's before Julie has to go home.

Just got an e-mail from Robert & Fran in response to mine of several days ago. I say I'm stuck in the last Millennium, I think Robert's still crawling out of the 19th century. You may hear from them directly.

Think good thoughts, breathe and take good care of yourself. I'm terribly worried about you, hope you can get a full recovery and back to the handball courts.

Part of what makes cats, cats is their ability to adapt. They love us but the little Zen lunatics can also just move on. So go ahead and miss them but don't feel guilty, they'll move on to the next plate of tuna.

Uncivil said...

I love the way anonymous put it about the cats adaptability. I feel better for them now.
That's a real gift to be able to put people at ease over their burdens!

donna said...

Richard will manage just fine.

You just get well, my dear - we will be thinking of you and hoping all goes well....