Thursday, March 06, 2008

MG Update

I received a message from the Doctor's assistant today...and from Mom's nurse as well. Seems they'll call you back sooner if you leave them your phone number. I thought it was in the file somewhere obvious. Oh well.

She isn't recovering as quickly as we had hoped for, but more quickly than we had feared. She got up and walked some today, which seemed to help her feel much better. So that's good. Not so queasy from all of the meds today, again, good news.

The donations to her moving fund have surpassed $1,000 already...I've gotta say (and forgive me for repeating myself, because I've said this in a few thank-you notes), I'm starting to feel like George Bailey in "It's a Wonderful Life", when the entire community comes together to help in his time of need. Indeed, no man is poor when he has friends. And mom has many. (And a few of mine and Py's have kicked in as well, for which we are very grateful.) ~J


lilalia said...

When you say "we", do you mean you and your concerned family or friends, or do is your "we" including the doctor and nurses at the hospital? In any case, it is good to hear MG is up on her feet.

Thank you for posting an update on the money contributed. It is nice to know that we have collectively made a sizable difference. Hopefully, others will give too and help your brother (and mother) even more.

kenju said...

I am happy to hear that people are responding, as is MG. It is great that she was able to walk, and I think that always speeds up the healing process.

Uncivil said...

Yay! It truly is a "Wonderful Life" !