Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Updated Update

Hi all, J here. I haven't written any updates in a few days, mainly because things have been pretty much the same, but also because we're all a bit down about the whole thing, and it's frustrating.

First problem is that they had my mom on Paxil, which is an anti-depressant (I'm sure I'll be seeing a bunch of spam comments now that I put that name in the post), and I think she isn't reacting very well to it. She's been giving the nurses a hard time, and in ways that are not at all like her normal self. The doctor took her off of the Paxil today, so hopefully in a few days, she'll be more herself. If not, then we have to try to figure out what else the problem could be. Just frustration and exhaustion? Another med she's on? Not sure.

Second problem is that she doesn't have a lot of energy, and is having trouble with the walking. It's such a huge part of recovery, so very important, but she just feels exhausted and worn out when she tries. Which is part of the hard time the nurses are getting.

She seems sad when I talk to her. She's lonely I know, and yet doesn't really have the energy to talk on the phone or visit. She's sleeping a LOT.

They found another problem, and so she's having another surgery on Wednesday. They are going to insert an internal cardiac defibrillator, I think. Much smaller, much less invasive surgery, but surgery nonetheless.

She's moving Thursday, probably, to an extended care center. I didn't want her to end up having to go there, but she's in no shape right now to move to California, and I'm wondering if she'll be ready in the next few weeks. Ugh. So stressful. She needs a LOT more physical therapy before she's ready to move on, and that's the best place for her to receive it.

I'm sure she would love to hear from you. You can email her using this page.

For now she's at the Medical Center, which you select from the drop down menu (actually, it's the default), and she's in under the name Lilith Ward, and her room is 278. I'm sure she would be OK with me putting that info up here. I'll probably pull it in a day or two. She's moving on Thursday probably, and then you can use the same page, but select Providence Extended Care Center from the drop down.

Sorry the news isn't better. It's not dire. She's doing ok. Just disheartened and not feeling well. Muh. I wish so much that there was something I could do to help her through this. Feeling pretty helpless right about now.

~ J


kenju said...

Thanks for the update; I sent a message.

I think she may be a little depressed and I have heard it is typical in her condition. Hope she will do better off the P*xil and with the defibrillator.

Anna said...

Could you remind us of her name for email purposes - though I guess Maya's Granny would find her?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the update. It would be understandable for her to feel totally wiped out physically and emotionally. Pain and anxiety alone would make anyone feel that way! If I might make one suggestion as you advocate on her behalf, cardiologists tend to put patients on too many meds and not all of them are appropriate and some can have nasty side effects, as you're describing. Statins, for instance, are not recommended in women and can do a number on muscles and fatigue, as well as psychological effects. Sleeping pills or sedatives are others that can potentiate in patients. [A good hospital pharmacist can help point out possible concerns.]
Please give her a hug and all of our best. I hope you're hanging in there, too!

marianne said...

Thanks so much for the update, Julie. And yes, I did get your beautiful thank-you note yesterday. You have enough on your plate, there was no need, but I was just wondering if it was received because I'm not that sure of myself when it comes to doing things by computer! I'm so sorry to hear that MG is depressed. Hopefully as spring arrives she will feel nature's glory and new life.

My love to you all,

Maya's Granny said...

Anna, I don't think they would have any way for 'Maya's Granny' to find her. Better use her name, Lilith Ward. :)

~ J

Starshine said...

Thanks for the update, J. I wish it were better news, too. I'll be praying.

Hugs for Maya's Granny!

Linda Atkins said...

Hi, J. I'm so sorry things are rough right now, and that MG has to go to the extended care facility. I'm glad she got to go ahead with the second, smaller, surgery. I'll go send her an email.

Uncivil said...

Thanks for the update J. I got my wonderful thank you note early this week also. Off to send Miss Lilith an email!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Thank you Julie....I'm going to go send her a message right now. Stay strong sweetie....this is a most difficult time for all of you.

Laura said...

I don't know if they have found the connection yet, but it has been proven that cardiac patients are at some risk of depression after their surgery and/or event. My thoughts are with both of you so often. They put me on Paxil after the events of August and, if anything they made me feel worse and also as if I was unable to process all that had happened. All my love and best to all of you.