Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Surgery Update

Mom had surgery today, to put in an internal cardiac defibrillator (I think that's what it is called.) She was originally scheduled for this surgery yesterday, but she got bumped. She wasn't too happy about that, because when you're going into surgery, you're not allowed to eat or drink, and she was very thirsty when I spoke to her. So to have it all be for naught was frustrating.

Anyway, I called the hospital this morning to see what time the surgery was scheduled to take place, and they said she had already left. Yay, no more sitting around wishing for something to drink! I called back a little while ago, and I spoke to her. She said she's feeling a bit more chipper today, which is good news.

I'm still thinking she'll be moved to the assisted living facility tomorrow. I'll let you know how she's doing as soon as I know more.


kenju said...

I hope they will keep our emails until she gets there!

vuee said...

M'sG is on my sidebar, one of the more interesting set of writings from Alaska, especially from someone with experience. I have been keeping up with the good news on recovery and hoping M'sG will get back active as ever, soon.

(As no doubt you know, heart disease in women is not widely recognized and this blog has been extremely useful for others.

FYI-- Other sources for assistance in a stressful time-- emergency, re-location, etc.-- are available from Seattle Times series Liz Taylor: Aging Deliberately)

Kate said...

Thank goodness! Glad to hear the good news!