Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Home Delivery

Unlike the naughty ice cream delivered by The Good Humor Woman, I never actually ordered anything from the Pot Pie Guy. I had moved to San Francisco before I heard of his small enterprise in Berkeley, and I'm not certain if he was making his deliveries before I left or not.

At any rate, rumor had it that there was a guy who delivered chicken pot pies on a bike with a heated basket. And that they were more pot than chicken.

Since I was no longer part of the Berkeley hippy scene at the time that I heard about this, I have no idea whether it was true or not, nor how long it lasted if it was. It certainly smacked of the "Purloined Letter," what with the out in plain sight aspect of it.

I do know that pot is more potent when eaten than when smoked, because I once had some rather green brownies. The night of the Beatles' Candlestick Park Concert, which is where I ate them. I won tickets to the concert by calling in and correctly identifying Eleanor Rigby the day after Revolver was released, so we got up a group and went. I'm very glad that I wasn't driving and that the driver had eschewed the brownies, since on the way back it seemed to me that the Bay Bridge stood up in front of the car and shimmied like a snake. Lovely and funny, but I doubt that would be easy to drive on. And, I suppose that makes up for the fact that we couldn't hear a note of the music what with all the screaming and all, and that later I read that the Beatles were so disgusted with American audiences by that time that they lip synched to get it over with, so we weren't missing anything after all. That would have been terribly disappointing to me, as I had scrimped my meager funds as a college student single mom and bought Revolver the day it was released. I was a fan.

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Deja Pseu said...

I was too young to go to Beatles concerts, but I do remember being 7 or 8 and standing in a line at the movie theater that went twice around the block to see "A Hard Day's Night" (and the same thing for "Help!" a couple years later). The older girls screamed all the way through the movie.

Yes, pot can be not only more potent, but more long-lasting when you eat it. I remember a roommate who used to smoke a joint every day when he got home from work, and one particular day it gave him the munchies and we didn't have anything appealing in the house. He went next door (we were all hippies with an open door policy) and found a beautiful plate of brownies on the neighbor's counter. Yep. And he slept for three days.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

If I'm not wrong, that was their last life performance...well, their last concert. So even if it wasn't live music, and you couldn't hear it, you were part of history. And with the brownies, you were part of the times as well.

kenju said...

I would have given my eye teeth to see the Beatles in person, and if they were lip synching, who cares?!! I'd have thrown my body at Pauls' feet, if I could have gotten close enough...LOL

Jill said...

I was never a big fan of pot because it always made me either sleep with people I shouldn't have (both pot and alcohol made me flirtatious) or go to sleep. Or both. But the WORSST experience I had with the stuff was in cookies, when I had one tiny cookie and then had to lie down on the floor for four hours. Remember a few months ago when that 911 call from that cop who had made brownies with some confiscated pot was all over the news? People laughed because he said they were afraid they were dying. No joke -- that's what happened to me. Intoxicants and my metabolism just don't agree. Except caffeine and chocolate. :)